Sunday, December 23, 2012


4 Tahun yang lalu admin pernah menulis tentang bagaimana naik kereta api selama hidup... apalagi pas liburan, penuh sesak ... , murah ... nggak nyaman... nggak aman... nah itu dulu ... kalau sekarang Alhamdulillaah ternyata semua itu berubah.. sangat berubah.

Beli tiket untuk jurusan jauh bisa pesan 90 hari sebelum keberangkatan, tempat duduk sesuai no karcis/ tiket, dan tak ada / tak boleh ada yang berdiri... kamar mandi lebih baik dan lebih nyaman. Walau untuk jurusan lokal masih berebut seperti komuter atau antar kota dekat harus membeli tiket dihari keberangkatan nampaknya perubahan ini perlu diapresiasi.

Jadi naik kereta api sekarang lebih nyaman dan aman... hayo deh kalau mau bepergian naik kereta api Indonesia... sekarang lebih baik...

Friday, November 25, 2011

How Travelling Became So Easy

There is no doubt that the world has become smaller in the past century. In the last hundred years we have seen the progression of technology exceed that of any other time in history. To think that only at the turn of the 19th century we were only just tapping the surface of air travel and in the next 60 years we would be using jet engines to go faster than we have ever travelled before. To think that the internet has only just taken off in the past 2 decades and since then we have revolutionised the way we communicate and shop.

How have these innovations changed the way we travel? Vacations abroad used to be reserved for the wealthy and came with a sense of luxury as huge liners, steam trains and exclusive airlines transported people to exotic locations. This was the golden age of travel. It was the time when the journey was part of the trip and no expense was spared in maintaining comfort.

The fact was that travelling in the early 20th century was a long affair and could take days to reach a destination. Luxury was more of a necessity than an option. However, with the commercialised flights and the introduction of the jet engine, travel and the means to do it would change forever, leaving behind the days of the Orient Express and Queen Marys.

The transatlantic flights became common procedure for business folk as the aeroplanes became bigger with the 747s and the jumbos. Luxury was gradually being side-lined as more and more people found it easier to get from A to B in a short space of time. Huge airports would be erected and the dreaded check-in process came along with it. The means of travel would not be as important as the destination itself anymore.

Holidays became more and more mainstream, especially with the birth of packaged holidays, specifically in Europe, with UK residents taking an interest in sunnier retreats for cheaper. Now we start seeing travel agents booking your whole holiday for you, with flights, hotels and accommodation all included. All people have to do is tell them where and when they want to go.

Nobody could predict what would happen in the late 90's as PCs and internet found its way it almost every house in the UK. Just as with travel, technology was also becoming cheaper. The PC and modem went hand in hand, and although it would be a few more years until the internet matured enough to handle e-commerce and social networking, the potential was clear.

Now we see photos and videos of people on their latest adventure in some far-flung location, even though they were on a plane a few mere hours ago. The imagination and ambition for travel was being fuelled and now booking a holiday is easy enough for teenagers and elders alike. Ecommerce and social media are now intertwined and the internet is becoming responsive to people's needs. You want a holiday to Spain? Just do a quick search and you have the best deals right in front of you. Want to read about peoples personal adventures? There are thousands of blogs and reviews to read from.

Travel has become so easy that one day you might take a fancy at visiting a location abroad and be there the very next day. You would know about it too, with mobile internet taking off, messages updates and online statuses will ensure that whoever is on holiday will let you know straight away.

Internet now has allowed us to achieve so much with travel, but it has almost come to the point where we cannot make things much easier online. Instead the ball is in the court of the means to travel. What will come after the jet engine and which destinations shall we travel to next? Will they even be terrestrial locations?

Richard Skidmore - Online Marketing Manager - AttractionTix is the UKs leading supplier of tickets to attractions and theme parks from around the world including Disneyland Paris tickets, Siam Park tickets, Loro Parque and PortAventura tickets.

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Naik Transportasi Rakyat (Kereta Api)

Mungkin terbayang dibenak kita semua warga negara Indonesia. Kalau kita mencoba memakai transportasi khususnya Kereta Api Ekonomi. Wuih... Penuh sesak, kotor, tidak teratur, tidak nyaman, tidak aman dan lainnya.

Walau disubsidi pemerintah harusnya tidak seperti ini, kalau manajemen terbuka pasti akan lebih baik. Rakyat adalah yang merasakan. Btw dengan memakai kereta api tepat hari efektif (tidak libur panjang atau libur hari besar) cukup lumayan longgar. Keamanan memakai kereta api lebih terjamin dibanding mode transportasi lain. Hampir semua orang pasti sudah pernah naik. apa salahnya kamu mencoba lagi.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Persiapan Bepergian

Menjelang hari raya seperti sekarang ini... sangat banyak yang akan melakukan kegiatan mudikkampung. So apa salahnya bagi kamu untuk menyiapkan segalanya